Brit Lit: Essay Strat Practice

Brit Lit folks:

Using your imagery/image journals, determine the links and impact(s) to the examples you pulled out of the text.  Based on these pieces of evidence:

A) What common connective tissue is there between your pieces of evidence? What overarching motifs, themes, etc are present in all 5 pieces of evidence (ideally), or in at least 3 of them? List these as potential links (Need at least 2)

B) What are educational impacts that come from analyzing these connections that you identify between pieces of evidence? What does Wells want us to think, want us to learn, want us to understand by creating the connections that you’ve identified? What is the point of reading War of the Worlds (academically), based on the evidence and links you’ve compiled?

— Use the outline template we just covered in class – this can be added to your original imagery journal document (which, if you haven’t finished, you need to right now) or shared as a separate document, but both need to be in to me by the end of the period.