Simulating Hate Week – Instructions

SIMULATING HATE WEEK Three groups, Payton, Lane, Whitney Young Your group (with today and tomorrow) needs to create: A Hate Week poster for your chosen enemy (think propaganda here – what should a prop poster look like, ask students to…

Storyboard That – Class Sign Up Link

Graphic Novel Intro Links

Debbie Schlussel Tells Us How “Kids These Days” Are Being Ruined By “Comic Books These Days”: Ms. Flanagan, Persepolis, and the Brief CPS War Against Graphic Novels: Some Basics (Obvious and not-so-obvious) for Reading Graphic Novels:

Rules for Viral Discussion Game

– We will go through 4 rounds of viral discussion (1 practice, 3 real), with opportunities to score points for your team each round (the points are cumulative – so one big round can make up for a weak one)…

15 Words to Ban Link