Rules for Viral Discussion Game

– We will go through 4 rounds of viral discussion (1 practice, 3 real), with opportunities to score points for your team each round (the points are cumulative – so one big round can make up for a weak one)

– Each round will center on a literary device (i.e. similes, imagery): Once you’ve been told the category, as a team you have 5-10 minutes (depending on difficulty level) to find examples from the text (including page #)

– Once I begin the timer, the recorder from each group will enter that group’s examples (as many as possible) into the competition Google Doc – you will get a point for each correct example

– You will need to assign the following group roles: 1) Recorder (need to be able to type quickly and precisely under pressure!), 2) Recorder helpers (to feed them examples during the actual discussion period), 3) Researchers (everyone researches during prep time – 2 people should keep doing this to find more examples during discussion time!), 4) Fact Checkers (targeting other groups’ answers and verifying if they are legit or should be challenged)


– 1 point for each correct example (with correct page # and spelling!!!) of the category of literary device

– IF 3 or more groups identify the same example – no one gets points (so you need to look beyond the easy ones or the first few pages to actually win here)

– AFTER each round – each team will get 3 minutes to look through other groups’ answers and challenge them (i.e. call them out for putting an irrelevent quote etc).  We will review challenges, and then finalize scoring for the round after.

– Winning team gets a whole bunch of candy.