Simulating Hate Week – Instructions


  • Three groups, Payton, Lane, Whitney Young

Your group (with today and tomorrow) needs to create:

  • A Hate Week poster for your chosen enemy (think propaganda here – what should a prop poster look like, ask students to do, etc)
  • One of you needs to be a rally leader – deliver a speech designed to get the class to hate this school that much more
  • The speech must have a chant/call-and-response section – what slogans can you come up with for your chosen enemy? What rally cries?
  • The rest of the group should make a plan for “crowd control” – how will you make sure the audience is fully engaged in your activity? How will you make sure they repeat the chants and slogans you want them to?
  • Create some “banners” for your audience to hold and wave – what should they look like/say? Crowd control should be in charge of this
  • The conclusion of your speech should be pro-Northside (since this is the heart of nationalism) – create a Northside slogan (or series of slogans) to end your rally with – how can you rally the audience to be loyal to their home school?